Viracocha is the one in the middle.
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Title Treasure Guardian Viracocha
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Race Guardian
Faction Faction
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Treasure Guardian Viracocha is a boss in Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble. He ancient tiki appearance and four arms that all carry swords. He also has a head on the back of his head.



Treasure Guardian Viracocha appears as the final boss of stage 1.



Viracocha will slowly walk a bit until he will jump on to a platform. Then lightning will hit his swords and they will become electrical. He will walk from one side to the other swinging his swords around. Then his head will spin and he will rush at you. Viracocha will then throw his swords in then air and make them drop from the sky or throw them at the wall. Then he will go into the background to get his swords back. If you destroy his sword while their in the ground or wall, lightning hits him and he will become dizzy that would be the best time to attack. His sword will return to him soon though. He will the repeat the process.



  • The character was based on the Incan artifact of a Tumi. The Tumi was used as a sacrificial knife used to cut beings necks in honor of the sun god Inti. However, the actual Viracocha is the Creator God of Andean religion. The Aymara depiction of Viracocha can be found on the Sun Gate on Tihuanaco, Bolivia.

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