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"Viewtiful Joe, Defender of Movie Land"

Viewtiful Joe is the red-clad Superhero version of Joe, an average movie lover whose world was turned upside-down when he found himself brought into the World of Movies.


Joe was just an average movie lover, and an especially big fan of Tokusatsu movies starring his icon, Captain Blue. He would always head to an old movie theater, which was run by his father, Jet Black, to watch Captain Blue movies. One day, he was there on a date with his girlfriend, Silvia, watching a Captain Blue movie, when suddenly, the villain reached out of the movie and kidnapped Silvia! As Joe watched, the hero mecha, Six Majin, was also knocked out of the movie, and brought Joe in with it!

Inside the movie, Joe is given a V-Watch by Captain Blue and sets out to save both Silvia and Movieland!


Viewtiful Joe is the main character in the series. His goal in the first Viewtiful Joe game is to save his girlfriend Silvia. In the second game, he and Silvia are the protagonists of the story and they fight Gedow's army.


  • "Henshin-A-Go-Go, baby!" (Joe's famous line)
  • "Viewtiful? Hmm... well yeah, that works... I'm Joe! Viewtiful Joe!" (When asked for his name by Alastor)
  • "Mmmmmmm. Yummy" (Getting a cheeseburger)
  • "Real Meal!" (Getting a cheeseburger)
  • "Ahhhh man, I missed the most important part."
  • "...that voice! It really is Captain Blue! Wow! Hey, can I have your Autograph?"
  • "Henshin around!"
  • "Let's rock, baby, yeah!"
  • "Time to go to work, guys!" (Quoting Dante)
  • "Who's the manliest man to ever wear a pink cape?"
  • "Hey, I know you!" (Upon meeting Alastor Viewtiful Joe 2)
  • "What's this about a ritual? I hope you guys aren't up to anything weird! Kids are watching this too, you know!"
  • "Shows you what you know, bat brain! In movies, there has to be a plot twist. That means things always go wrong once before you get to the happy ending, hello! Now come on, let's get this over with!" (Said to disprove Charles III's overconfidence in their victory over Captain Blue)
  • "C'mon partner! Leave this to.....VIEWTIFUL JOE AND SILVIA!" (The last part of that sentence was said by Joe and Silvia.)



  • All members of his family's first name start with J.
  • Joe's last name is most likely "Black", seeing as his father's name is Jet Black.
  • Junko claims that from heaven, she can see everything, and mentions that Joe has been dating other girls behind Silvia's back.
  • In Okami, while the Onigiri sensei transforms, he would copy the poses Joe performed during his first transformation.
  • Joe's dialogue in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 suggests that his favorite Marvel hero is Nova. This may be due to similarities in their costumes.

    H.M.D. in the credits of Mega Man 2

  • Joe's t-shirt reads "HMD". This is a reference to Nobuyuki Matsushima, the programmer of the first two Mega Man games, who often used the alias "H.M.D."
  • One of the unlockable characters in Platinum Games', Wonderful 101 (directed by Hideki Kamiya), is named "Poseman" and shares many similarities with Joe, even using his signiture "VJ" handsign.
  • In Dead Rising 4, one of the Capcom Heroes costumes available for Frank West is of Joe, which gives him access to several of Joe's moves.
  • When Street Fighter V Arcade Edition launched, the first of many crossover costumes added to the game was a Viewtiful Joe costume for the character, Rashid.