Trial ModeEdit

Trial mode is a mode excusive to the PSP version of Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble.  It intially consists of 10 trials but more are unlocked as the player begins to clear the stages.  Some trials can only be played with a set character while others can be done with any previously unlocked character.  Once a trial with a new character has been completed, that character can then be selected in the Story and Vs Modes.

List of TrialsEdit

Number Name of Trial Description Character
01 Judo! Blue's hard work has paid off! Use his throw to bust some targets Director Blue
02 The Tale of "Joe" Volume 1   Use Joe to give the mob of approching enemies a truely viewtiful beating! Viewtiful Joe
03 Cuttin' on Through Use Jet's Vorpal Blade to defeat Black Thunder! Emperor Jet Black
04 Krazy Klimber The rooftop objective is within sight! Take the towering building by storm! Captain Blue Jr.
05 Mach Champion Dodge the pots, defeat the enemies, and look good, too! It's all in a day's work! Movie Fan Joe
06 Bye Bye Octopi Ground control to Sexy Silvia, blast those pesky foes out of hte sky! Sexy Silvia
07 Devil Sword "Alastor" Destroy the onslaught of hailing swords.  Be a true Blade Master! Blade Master Alastor
08 VFX Battle Be champion of the VFX battles.  Go for the gold, baby! Any
09 Holdin' On To Love Lookin' for love in all the right places!  Help Charles catch the falling hearts! Charles The Third
10 Shamon! Six Machine! Get your ride on! Defeat 100 enemies with your mad Six Machine skillz! Any
11 Machine Frontier Six really is greater than Seven! Use your cool ride to bury Thunder Seven! Any
12 Tiptoe Strut Sneak up from behind! But don't move when the enemy is facing you! Viewtiful Joe
13 The Challenger It's a real Cinderella match-up, as the best takes on the worst! Fighter Bianky and Friends
14 I'm the Man! It's time to grab the spotlight and show Joe & Co who is really in charge! Hulk Davidson
15 Jadow Fortress Volume 1 The event of a lifetime! The final showdown at the Jadow Fortress! Viewtiful Joe
16 Gamblin' Man It's quite a gamble, but you need to toss enemies into the slot machine to stop it. Any
17 Accept No Substitutes! Pick the real you from the crowd of wannabes to fatten your pockets! Any
18 Jadow Target Practice Destroy the onslaught of falling Biankys.  Be quick for big bonus points! Captain Blue
19 Runaway Train Destroy the runaway train's engine to stop the steel beast & save its passengers Manager Jet
20 Sink the Battleship It's might meet might in this epic battle against the Budda Battleship Any
21 Hot Stuff Keep Leo at bay by dodging his attacks and fighting back, tiger! Any (except Charles and Hulk)
22 Havin' A Ball Knock back the flurry if snowballs that Frost Tiger launches your way! Any
23 Infernal Gedow Machine Put the parts in their proper place!  The pay's crap, but heck it's a job! Any
24 Quittin's For Whimps! Hate quitters? Then keep on fighting.  Go for the win! Young Blue Jr.
25 Air Hulk Use Hulk's Gyro Attack (Up+Sp Att.).  If the bell tolls 3 times, you're out. Hulk Davidson
26 Slip Slidin' Away Beat the continuously spawing enemies.  Fall off and you're out! Sprocket
27 Buggin' Out! Blue Jr. is on a bug hunt!  Find the real bugs and leave the fakes alone! Young Blue Jr.
28 Storming the House Dodge the "dowpour" oof enemies converging on you. Blade Master Alastor or Dark Hero Jet Black 
29 Rachel's Private Lessons Use Rachel's HITBIT to defeat enemies and get away from bombs! Android Rachel
30 The Running Android Circle the checkpoints that appear one after another. Android Rachel
31 Rock-a-bye Flinty Keep those annoying enemies from distrubing the napping Flintystone! Captain Blue Jr.
32 Mach Speeeed! Mach Speed is your only hope!  Show them the true meaning of the word "fast". Any
33 Buried Treasure Use the pirate ship to unearth the treasure at the bottom of the sea! Manager Jet
34 Stinger Low on HP, big on heart! Do a little arms reduction on the incoming missiles! Stylish Alastor
35 The Last Blues Low on HP, big on heart! Dodge bullets with your razor sharp reflexes! Gran Bruce
36 Flag Rumble Protect your flag from the evil minions longing to snatch it up! Blade Master Alastor
37 Ocean God Poseidon Poseidon's starved! Hook him up with a juicy burger! Maybe the gods will smile on thee. Heroine Silvia
38 Final Controntation  The final battleground! Defeat anyone who gets in your way. Devil Hunter Dante
39 Six Machine: Power United Use Six Machine's Combination Attack to defeat the enemy! Viewtiful Joe (using EX Color change of Six Majin
40 Intergalatic Ping-Pong Volley the downpour of meteors as this viewtiful drama unfolds. Young Captain Blue


  • Trial 21 prevents Charles and Hulk from being used.  This could be due to them being the only characters that are able to fully dodge and block attacks.
  • Trial 28 is the only trial that offers only two character choices.
  • Trial 39 is the only trial that uses an EX Color change character.
  • Trail 40 is the only one to use a stage not available in regular gameplay.

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