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SIx Machine is Viewtiful Joe's personal ride and is used frequently throughout his adventures. It can take on a variety of forms.


  • Aircraft
    • This form of Six Machine is the most commonly used. It's playable in the first part of "2,000,000 Leagues Under The Sea".
  • Submarine
    • Also dubbed the "Six Dolphin", is useable in the second part of "Ice Edge".
  • Drill
    • Also appearing in "Ice Edge", this vehicle is used exclusively by Silvia.
  • Car
    • This transformation is never actually playable. It only shows up in the intro of "Viewtiful Heroes And The Statue Of Doom" and after completing the 37th Chamber of Viewtiful.
  • Six Cannon
    • To utilise this weapon, at least five VFX bars have to be filled. Holding down the tag button will call in Six Machine to unleash a powerful blast and tag in your partner.
  • Six Majin
    • Not a form per se, but Six Machine is used to control Six Majin.


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