Red Leader

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Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Gender
Race Bianky
Faction Jadow
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location Location

Red Leader is a character who appears in both the video game and anime series of Viewtiful Joe.



Red Leader first appeared in chapter two of Viewtiful Joe and later appeared in episode 13 " The Fugitive from Beyond the Screen".

A similar enemy called Black Leader first appears at the front of the train.  It is basically a faster, more powerful version of Red Leader.

Black leader


Red leader will slash at you with his sword. If he is hit he will spin his sword and other swords will fall from the sky.



In the games there are multiple Red Leaders, but in the anime there is only one.

Red leader is one of the only form of Bianky that can speak in the anime. The other's are Bianco Billy and Joker.

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