Metal Leo
Metal Leo image

Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender None
Race Robot
Faction Jadow
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location Movieland

Metal Leo is a robotic version of Fire Leo. You always face two of them at a time.



Metal Leo appears in the first game, Red Hot Rumble, and in the anime. In Red Hot Rumble you fight the two as a boss.


Similar to Fire Leo after destroying his fire barrier. He will attack you with his claw; if he swings with his right arm, it will be a high attack. If he swings with his left, it will be low. Dodge his attack and Slow-Zoom-Punch him a couple of times, and then dodge his next attack until his shield breaks. Once he starts spinning, dodge his attacks, throwing a few punches in between, until he is dizzy. Then finish him. If he doesn't have blue fire on top of his head, he can breathe fire on you, so watch out. To dodge his spinning attack in Ultra-V Rated, note his growls. He growls at a lower pitch for his high attacks than his lows. His high attacks sound like Huhs, and his lows sound like Hahs. This also applies to Fire Leo.



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