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The Meta Ranger are insect like foes. Ranger Log is the Green Ranger and Ranger Digi is the Black Ranger. They're obviously a reference to Kamen Rider.



They first appear as the boss of scene 4-14 and then reappear in scene 5-5.


The key to beating these two is to avoid their attacks as best you can and use Slow then attack as they recover. Jasmine will be your main source of massive damage during this battle. Slide the screen and Touch her while she is behind the barrels on either side and she will give you one of two items - she will either give you a Cheeseburger or a Gold Gourd. If you get a Gold Gourd, make sure the boss is not about to attack you, then Scratch the screen to take off some major damage from him. Make sure to use Slow before Sliding the screen to Touch Jasmine. If you use the Pink Gourd from the pink item box in the upper right corner it will help you to deal quite a bit of damage as well. Remember, Scratch (wait for rock to hit the enemy) then Slow punch. I would advise you to save the Pink Gourd for their third bar though. Use Slow Punches or a Slow RHOH to drain his life quicker.

After you have taken one bar of Ranger Log's life bar, Ranger Digi will jump in from the background and challenge you. He has some different attacks, but they can all easily be avoided. His Hot Kick that he will do three times in a row can be easily avoided by running to the opposite side away from him. Just like the fight with Ranger Log, hit him after avoiding one of his attacks and use Jasmine's Gold Gourds for massive damage whenever she gives them to you.

After you have taken one bar from Ranger Digi's life bar, Ranger Log will jump into the battle and you will have to fight them both at the same time. I would advise you to mainly focus on avoiding each of their attacks and only hit them when you see an open spot. Jasmine will still give you a Gold Gourd...eventually. The main annoying attacks are the Hot Kick from Ranger Digi and the fireball from Ranger Log. If you still have the pink item box on the right side, grab it and Scratch the screen and try to set them both up for a super punch to take some heavy damage. Keep that Slow power activated often!



They are a reference to Kamen Rider Ichigou and Nigou

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