Back in black.
Vital statistics
Title Cromarty
Gender Male
Race Bianky
Faction Jadow
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status

Cromarty is an elite Bianky in Viewtiful Joe.


Like Biankies, Cromartys will attempt to flank Joe on both sides, after which they will launch a four-hit combo attack that can very quickly reduce Joe's life to nothing (especially if he's caught in the middle). The best way to handle a Cromarty is to isolate it and wait for its combo attack to start. Attack markers will only appear for the first two swings, but a Cromarty will always alternate its strikes after the second. If the second attack is high, the next two strikes will be low and high in that order, and if the second attack is low, then it will be followed by a high and a low. Once all four blows are successfully dodged, the Cromarty will get dizzy, allowing Joe to start an X-Combo.

Some Cromartys will carry weapons into battle. Striking such a Cromarty with a punch will drive it to start its normal attack combo.

  • The Cromarty-Bazooka fires large bullets that can be sent back with a Slow-boosted punch.
  • The Cromarty-Grenade fires rocket-propelled grenades that will seek Joe out and explode.
  • The Cromarty-Surfer appears when driving Six Machine. Outside of the hoverboard it rides on, it is no different from the other two types of weapon-carrying Cromartys.

In Ultra-V Rated difficulty, attack markers will not be shown at all, so it will be required to pay attention to a Crowmarty's gestures - if he raises his fists, he will punch high, and if he starts stepping and ducking, he will kick low.



  • Cromarty is also the name of a small town in northern Scotland.

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