Bianco Billy is a special type Bianky. He is a stereotypical movie cowboy.

Bianco Billy

Vital statistics
Title Bianco Billy
Gender Male
Race Bianky
Faction Jadow
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location movieland



Bianco Billy appears only a few times throughout the first game. Bianco Billy fist appears in episode 5 of the anime destroying Blue Town looking for Joe. He then makes another appearance in a later episode.


Bianco Billy will twirl his guns amd fire a bullet at you. He will then roll and do a few drop kicks. Occasionally, he will jump in the air, do a front flip, and fire his guns in four directions. To stun him, activate Slow right before he fires a bullet, and punch it back at him.


"I'm Billy, Bianco Billy, of Jadow."


  • Bianco Billy is most likely named after Clint Eastwood's character, "Bronco Billy McCoy"

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